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Hormonal Supplements

Another method of achieving weight loss involves the control of the body’s storage hormones.

In particular, insulin and cortisol.

Insulin resistance, which may be caused / accelerated by the typical North American diet of fast acting carbohydrates, has numerous symptoms. One of those is weight gain; particularly fat around the abdominal region.

In the 1800s, Lord Byron popularized the use of apple cider vinegar as a method of controlling insulin and keeping body-fat at bay. Strangely enough, apple cider vinegar is currently experiencing a re-birth as a weight-loss supplement.


More recently, supplements such as…

        • chromium,
        • alpha lipoic acid,
        • vanadium,
        • magnesium,
        • taurine,
        • zinc,
        • gymnema sylvestre
        • and banaba leaf extract/ colosolic acid

…have been promoted as insulin controlling weight-loss supplements.

Another hormonal approach to weight loss involves cortisol. It is cortisol’s ability to elevate blood sugar levels that has made it a target of dieters and supplement companies. Phosphatidylserine found in white kidney bean extract as well as various adaptogenic herbs are being marketed as cortisol blockers effective at fighting stress induced weight gain.

Like the insulin focused supplements, the effectiveness ofcortisol focused products is still up for debate.

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