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By itself or in conjunction with one or more of the Eat Less methods, burning extra calories is promoted as an effective way to lose weight. In addition, some of the Burn More methods will do more for your health than just melting away body-fat. It will make your body stronger, your heart healthier and may even extend your life.

One of the most obvious and time tested ways of burning more calories is exercise.


Along with eating less food, exercise is the original cure for excess body-fat. Get outside, move around and you WILL lose body-fat….right? For most people…

        • Walking 30 minutes per day at a brisk pace
        • Stretching every night before bed for 20 minutes
        • Perform 30 minginutes of body weight exercises / calisthenics 3 times per week
        • Combined with 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises or guided meditation per day

…when combined with a meal plan focused around fresh vegetables, fruit, lean protein (animal or vegetable) and minimal grains will result in a leaner, fitter, healthier & more relaxed you…GUARANTEED This plan is simple,effective and designed to:

        1. Make your heart & lungs work better
        2. Make your muscles stronger
        3. Keep your joints & muscles at optimum flexibility/stability
        4. Improve your co-ordination – balance, agility, and
        5. Boost your metabolism

And when it comes to weight loss, an increased basal metabolic rate is very, very important.

If you need more info, here are…

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