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Drawn by Leonardo da Vinci in 1487, the Vitruvian Man was intended to represent the ideal human proportions.

In modern times, he has come to represent the overall embodiment of health. Additionally, the image has become part of pop culture and is also used by medical corporations and associations worldwide as a symbol of medical professionalism.

At Health habits, the Vitruvian Man serves as a physical embodiment of health and vitality. An image that modern man has forfeited at the alter of fast food and convienience.

I hope that the information that I will share in future posts will help you transform yourself into your very own personal Vitruvian Man or Woman.


  1. The vitruvian man wasn’t by Leonardo da Vinchi, it was actually made by a Roman guy called Marco Vitruvius Pollio. He’s the first guy to write 10 books about architecture/engineering which he gave to a Romans to show why the crude buildings fell down and how to plan a good building.

  2. Hello. I am using your HOMER next to an illustration of Drini-conjugate hyperbolas, referencing a P-multimagic square or just P² (also known as a satanic square) due to the fact that there are 21 states in the nation still disciplining children with wooden paddles; see http://www.thehittingstopshere.com. For the argument map I will be using the split complex number and musean hypernumber, which illustrates 8 imaginary axes (standardized tests & personality types countered by the Flynn Effect) and considered a pseudoscience while following The Nurture Assumption (received mixed responses) Neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University says her book is “based on solid science.” Psychologist Steven Pinker of Harvard predicts that the book “will come to be seen as a turning point in the history of psychology.” I am trying to address scientific racism with a different approach that already seems to be quantifying in Infinitesimal calculus; however, due to the sample size and not measuring the injuries or establishing a baseline there is no substantial qualitative summation from the medical profession or Department of Labor relative to Disability on a national average. It is very hard to address the issue on the 8th grade reading level for presentation and I greatly appreciate the drawing.

    The entire mathematical skew is making a “rock & hard place” for the Department of Agriculture in estimating the coming year’s food stamp program. All of the numbers are estimations (rounded) & multiplied together, based on Heterosis (Dominance versus overdominance) in the public school systems. Did I say 8th grade reading level already? Anyways, I hope its okay to use the picture. Thank you.

  3. Bill.
    The Vitruvian Man is in fact a Leonardo’s drawing.
    The drawing was derived from a passage about geometry and human proportions in Vitruvius’s writings.
    As Leonardo was also an architect, he used the Vitruvius’s writings from the ‘De Architectura’ as many in the time did.

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