Why is America so Fat? – In Utero Big Macs

Q:  Why is America so fat?

A:  New research shows that moms who eat junk food (a diet high in sugar, fat and salt) are dooming their kids to a life of obesity, high blood sugar, high levels of circulating insulin, high triglycerides and/or cholesterol.

Why is America so Fat

This study showed that a “maternal junk food diet promotes adiposity in offspring and brings on the earlier onset of hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia and/or hyperlipidemia”.

Even when the little lab rats were switched over to the “healthy” rat chow, they still had excess body-fat and enlarged fat cells. Unluckiest of all were the Big Mac eating girl rats, who showed significantly higher levels of…

  • IGF-1,
  • IRS-1,
  • VEGF-A,
  • PPARã,
  • leptin,
  • adiponectin,
  • adipsin,
  • LPL,
  • Glut 1,
  • and Glut 3 mRNAexpression than their non-twinkie eating sisters.

The male rats got off a little bit easier. They showed elevated levels of only IRS-1, VEGF-A, Glut 4 and LPL, when compared to their carrot eating brothers. No idea why there was a difference between the males and females.

The study’s authors concluded that, “a maternal junk food diet promotes adiposity in offspring and the earlier onset of hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia and/orhyperlipidemia. Male and female offspring also display a different metabolic, cellular and molecular response to junk-food-diet induced adiposity”.

Why is America so Fat

What does this mean?

First off, let’s not blame it all on Mom – Mom has it hard enough without this kind of guilt being dumped in their laps.

However, this study does show that the 9 month gestational period has an enormous effect on the rest of the baby’s life. When a mom-to-be succumbs to the lure of the Golden Arches, she may be setting her unborn child up for a lifetime of obesity, health problems, societal stigma, stress, depression, etc…

The list goes on and on.

To avoid these problems, Mom NEEDS to eat healthy if she wants healthy babies.