HIIT Workouts – Vol. 1 – vertical jump training

Recently, I introduced you to “The 4 Steps to a Great H.I.I.T Workout“.

I told you how to select exercises that worked well within a HIIT program. I showed you how to correctly increase the volume and intensity of your HIIT workouts for maximum efficiency. I also explained how modifying an external load can be an effective HIIT tool.

In today’s post I will show you some sample HIIT workouts that I have used on some of my clients.

Different Types of HIIT Workouts

In my business, I work with athletes who are interested in improving their athletic performance as well as the “rest of us” who are mainly interested in improving our overall health and perhaps losing a pound or two.

Lucky for me, HIIT is an effective tool for both groups.

The only differences in designing HIIT programs for these groups is that the level of intensity and resistance is usually higher for the ‘athletes” and that the exercises I choose for them are specifically suited to the needs of their sport.

For example, basketball players need to maximize their vertical jump whereas the rest of us probably have all of the “hops” we need to perform well at our job.

So for all of you aspiring Dwight Howards, or if you are simply interested in improving your vertical jump, while burning off body-fat and lowering your blood pressure, read on:

Vertical Jump HIIT Workout # 1

Exercise Combo # 1

Primary Exercise

Vertical Jumps onto Platform/Bench/Step/Etc.

Active Rest Exercise

Rotation Lunges – walking or static

Exercise Combo # 2

Primary Exercise

Bulgarian Jumping Squats – with added resistance (dumbbells, XVest, etc)

Active Rest Exercise

Bulgarian Squat – bodyweight only – focus on the stretch

Exercise Combo # 3

Dick Hartzell’s Jump Stretch Hips & Groin Combo

This is a great exercise video. With this exercise combo, you strengthen the lower posterior chain and stretch the hip flexors; all from various angles. Hip mobility is improved, along with hamstring strength and adductor/abductor strength and flexibility.

Great stuff!

Putting it all together

These are three very specific HIIT workout combinations. They are designed to improve the trainee’s vertical jump while at the same time reaping all of the other HIIT benefits.

Due to their intensity, I usually do not perform all 3 combos back to back. I insert them into the body of a more generic resistance training workout.

As their athletic and jumping abilities improve, I:

  • Increase the Volume of HIIT
  • Increase the Intensity
  • Increase the Load

I also have a few more jumping exercises that I use now and then, but these are my favorites.


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  1. Hi

    Hard work just looking at it 🙂
    Seriously though, I have done a lot karate training years ago and the HIIT methods might have been useful training for me then.

    Unfortunately I have too many commitments to train right now. But when I can train again, I’ll come back to this.



  2. Good stuff!

    Wow! I will have to try those bulgarian jumping squats. I wish I knew about them earlier to help train for previous snowboarding seasons. Definitely a step up from just plain jumping squats and jumping lunges.

  3. I would never trust the stretch band that much. If it snaps, you’ll wish you were dead.

  4. Jump Stretch & Iron Woody bands NEVER break. Completely different than the “tube style” bands

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