Rich Old White People lead the Fitness Parade

I'm Number 1...heh heh
I'm Number 1...heh heh

According to data collected from the annual Health Surveys for England between 1997 and 2006, rich old white people are more likely to participate in sporting activities than other demographic groups.

Even worse, the fitness participation gap between rich and poor, black and white, old and young appears to be growing wider.

So it seems that while more and more lily-white baby boomers are trying to get fit, the rest of the general population is getting fatter and lazier.

Fountain of youth or Growth Hormone face?
Fountain of youth or Growth Hormone face?

I am sure that there are lots of socio-economic reasons for these results, but this survey paints a very strange picture of our healthcare future.

Thanks and respect to BMJ-British Medical Journal, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS for the original article.


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  1. Hi DR, I hate to say it, but Sly’s looking a little long in the chin compared to how he used to look? I am wondering if he’s also buying larger shoes…

  2. Wow, Sly looks kind of freaky!

    Hopefully, those results you mentioned won’t continue or we will be in even bigger trouble than we already are with the obesity epidemic.

  3. That’s exactly right, Gabrielle. No need to food shop, clean or launder! And regarding “passive leisure,” how many poor people can afford anything but TV?

  4. Hi Doug
    I am old (59)and white but living on a pension sooooo definitely NOT rich but but after being put on high blood pressure pills, that woke me up.Working out 5-6 days a week for almost 2 years and no more blood pressure pills.I am getting old but I am going to fight it all the way.My wife says I will die happy with a set of weights in my hands.TRUE

  5. We should send you on a tour of the nation’s doctor’s offices

    All the hypertension patients have to spend 10 minutes with you before getting a prescription for beta blockers.

  6. I think most of them know what to do for themselves but they have to want it.It is easier to take a pill a day than spend 40 minutes on a tread mill.I cannot count the number of days that I did not want to work out but after 6 months the results started to show and then you want more.I developed a 2 pack then wanted a 4 pack now shooting for a 6 pack.Side benefit my wife loves the new bod.

  7. Look around the area you find rich white people. There are organic food stores within walking distance from each other and a gym on every corner. Look at a more urban area and it’s over populated with Macdonalds and popeyes. Your lucky if you can find a grocery store that offers an organic selection and the gym is on the other side of town.

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