My Interweb Reading List

Here is some of the stuff that I have looked at this week.

John at Total Transformation Test begins his Ninja Warrior training program. Do you have what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior?

Rusty at Fitness Black Book looks at Muscle maturity and looking better as we get older wiser

Mark Salinas looks at the 100 foods an Omnivore should eat…at least once – Are you brave enough to nibble on fugu?

Almost Fit posted his Omnivore list – What a palate!

McBloggenstein shows us why just about ALL kids’ fast food meals are BAD

Rebecca Scritchfield talked about Truvia – the stevia product that Coca Cola is positioning to be the ‘green’ version of aspartame.

Mac at Get Fit Slowly gives us the ‘skinny’ on fat free Half and Half

Jonny Bowden shows us how our addiction to oil mirrors our addiction to sugar

Science Daily highlights a study which shows that stroke victims can re-wire their brains with exercise

Mike at the IF Life gives us some of the biggest workout mistakes people make and what to do about them.

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