My Own Little Fitness-Blog Carnival

No, not that kind of carnival.

I am talking about fitness-blogs that I thought were interesting, informative, funny or just really, really wrong.

You decide.

The Corn Lobby Strikes Back

The Modern Forager enlightens us on the advertising campaign that the Corn Lobby is using to fight back against the bad press that High Fructose Corn Syrup has been receiving in the media.

The Strength Training Rep Dissected and Explained

Rusty from The Fitness Black Book breaks down the basic building block of strength training: The individual repetition

Ninja Warrior Training

John at Total Transformation outlines the training program that will transform him from an ordinary human being into a Ninja Warrior.

Where the Mind Leads, The Body Follows

Angie at Women’s Diet and Fitness asks her readers: What Do You REALLY Want? Do you really know what you want out of your fitness routine? If you don’t know where you want to go, how are you going to go anywhere?

Diet Book Insanity

Mike at the IF Life asks the question: When Did Eating Become This Complicated?

Mike says that if information really equalled results, we should be the fittest and healthiest generation in the course of known human history! Unfortunately I think we all know that is far from the truth.

Anthony Bourdain and Ted Nugent Chew The Fat

McBloggenstein at Stop Being So Fat! gives us his unique take on Nugent’s appearance on Bourdain’s “No Reservations” program.  Needless to say, all three of these fellas are not favorites of the Fat Acceptance movement.

Some Teens So Heavy, They Need Liver Transplants

The Fat Fighter fills us in on the latest research that shows that some overweight teenagers have caused so much damage to their livers, they have actually required liver transplants. Seriously.

Prepare to Drool All Over Your Keyboard

Almost Fit had me drooling with the picture and recipe for his Lamb Masala. I am not going to post a picture of it here; you are going to have to surf on over to his site to check it out.

And he actually eats this way. Jealous?

Well, that’s it for today.


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  1. Thanks for the mention! Yes, it’s sad – just when you think you’ve heard it all about the horrible effects of obesity, yet another one comes up. I hate to think what we’ll discover next…

  2. You said Carnival and I saw the costume and I got a little excited, “OMG, he’s from Trinidad?”

    With Carnival in February next year, people are flooding the gyms, and crowding the savannah to try and get fit in time…so it would have made a great post on a fitness blog.

  3. I am from Toronto, Canada.

    We have our own Caribana festival every summer. It is AWESOME!!!

    The organizers actually have an office in the same building where my wife works. I should go and talk to them about the participants getting all ‘buffed’ prior to the big day.

    Thanks for the tip – Have fun in Feb

  4. I know about Caribana, because it is based on our Carnival (d’best!)…LOL!

    But as the costumes are getting smaller, trust me people want to look good on Monday and Tuesday…I did a post on my blog about the costumes I like for next year…still not sure if I intend to play.

    I’ve started the keep fit process, not for Mas, though, for me!

    Actually that how I found your blog…keep up the good work.

  5. Interesting stuff on all of the different types of characters.

    You have got me thinking. Toronto in February is cold and snowy

    Trini in February is NOT cold and snowy.

    A vacation to Trinidad for Carnival is sounding pretty good. It will sound even better when it is 20 degrees below zero

  6. The diet book insanity question, “When did eating become this complicated?” reminds me of an excellent article I read years ago — by Michael Pollan, called “Our National Eating Disorder.” I think it was printed in the NYTimes… and I believe he also has a chapter in “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by the same name. It’s great — points out the paradox of a nation obsessed with health being so unhealthy, and talks about how we eat according to nutrients (“nutritionism”) rather than according to taste and enjoyment. Granted, that borders on greyish area if you love McDonald’s, but the people eating junk probably aren’t really truly savoring/enjoying their food, and probably aren’t tasting so much as just appeasing their taste buds, which have become accustomed to artificial flavors, etc. I know when I eat fruit, vegetables, fish, etc., the taste far exceeds fake/processed foods — and my preparations are always fairly simple (olive oil, herbs, salt and pepper, garlic, etc.) My two cents 🙂

  7. Thanks for the comment Emily.

    I think we see eye to eye on this subject.

    I am always stunned when people get defensive when they realize that eating for their health may mean giving up their Big Macs.

    This is what they are going to miss?

    A Big Mac is the pinnacle of gastronomy to them.

    How sad

    Maybe they need a taste-bud transplant operation.

  8. Aashi,

    Are we talking about adding muscle?

    I would be glad to five you some tips, but I will need a little info

    Age, sex, height, weight, athletic experience, goals – weight, appearance, performance, health, access to fitness equipment, time available for training, etc..

  9. Nice blog you have here. I pretty much lurk the internet when I’m bored and read all I can about the organic lifestyle, but I really liked you view on things. I’ll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!

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