Say Goodbye To Lower Back Pain with Band Training

An effective way to prevent lower back pain is to stretch and strengthen all of the muscles in the lower back and core region.

One of the best ways to accomplish both of these modalities is with band training.

Here are a couple of videos from Dick Hartzell, the founder of Jump Stretch.

Dick has been at this for years. His training methods may seem a little unorthodox at first. But that’s okay. because they work.


Lower Back Stretch & Strengthen


Lower back Traction


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  1. Excellent article on lower back pain. I’ve always found people at EliteFTS to be great.

  2. Great article. Having done a lot of karate training in the past, flexibility is very important in the martial arts. What I noticed though was a lot of people focused their hamstrings to get the kicks up higher, but not so much on the lower back. However, a flexible lower back is important when performing kicks too as the body often twists as the leg is extended.
    That said, I know quite a lot of karate people and lower back pain is not a common complaint.

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