Diet Pills Suck


Fenfluramine, the appetite suppressant drug banned in the US in 1997 due to fears over its links to heart conditions, has been shown to have serious long-term effects.

In a report published today in the journal BMC Medicine, researchers have shown that people who stopped using fenfluramine eleven years ago had damaged heart valves up to seven years later.

In this study, Charles Dahl from the Central Utah Clinic led a team of researchers who studied the heart condition of 5743 former fenfluramine users. He said, “Valve problems were common in individuals exposed to fenfluramines, more frequent in females and associated with duration of drug use in all valves assessed”.

Heart valves, such as the aortic, mitral and tricuspid valves, ensure that your blood flows in the correct direction around the heart.

When they fail, blood back-flows (termed regurgitation).

If the regurgitation is severe enough, congestive heart failure and/or the need for heart valve surgery may occur.

Dahl said, “We found clear evidence for a strong, graded association between duration of exposure to fenfluramines and prevalence of aortic regurgitation and for mild or greater mitral and tricuspid regurgitation”.

Let’s get this straight.

We take a drug that causes this…

Aortic Regurgitation


So that we can eat like this…


And look like this…



Sorry to break the news to y’all, but…






Thus endeth the rant.


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  1. Excellent illustration and logical explanation of
    just how bad the combination of diet pills and eating junk food can be.

  2. Love your pictures! Especially Homer! 😀

    Doesn’t it seem like no one want to take personal responsibility for their own health anymore. Take this miracle drug or food and don’t worry about the Quarter Pounder and super sized fries.

    I seen that picture of the obese kids before. It still disturbing to me.

  3. Asithi,

    It’s not just our health…It’s seems like most people are quick to blame someone / anyone else for their problems.

    And yeah, that pic still freaks me out as well.

    And it certainly drives the point home.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wonderful post: clear, hard hitting, straight shooting delivery of
    information people can be most reluctant to hear. Bravo!

    My work is dedicated to eating disorder recovery. A line you wrote
    haunts me. “When they fail, blood back-flows (termed regurgitation).”

    Internal, invisble aortic bulimia????? Good grief.

    Thank you for posting this important information so well.

    best regards,

    Joanna Poppink
    Los Angeles psychotherapist
    author of Healing Your Hungry Heart

  5. Love the photos, hopefully people will understand that they need to change their lifestyle habits in order to lose weight. Just popping a pill and hoping that weight just fals off will only cause more damage

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