Want To Be Happier?…Part Two

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about a recent study (by researcher Dr. Steven Toepfer) which showed that the SECRET to HAPPINESS is GRATITUDE.

All that research got me thinking…Which scenario is better for your health / longevity?

  1. To be overweight, but happy, or
  2. To be lean but unhappy

After an informal poll, I discovered that an overwhelming number of people think that happiness is more important than a healthy bodyweight when it comes to your overall health and longevity. And I would have to agree with the majority.

In response to my findings, I thought that I should present a little more information about the psychology of happiness.

Here are some of my favorite speakers on the psycology of happiness:

Tal Ben Shahar – Positive Psychology

Shawn Achor – Positive Psychology

Robert Holden – The Happiness Project


Martin Seligman – The Father of Positive Psychology

Link to Dr. Seligman's talk at TED

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  1. FYI – I couldn’t view the last three videos, they come up as no longer available, so I hope I didn’t miss the rebuttal on the positive psychology.

    I logged in as the wrong username when I commented on your last entry. But to re-state, while I don’t go around with an objective to convince people of the merits of happiness, and I tend to think that the secret is a cult… I do believe that we need to be happy and positive about achieving our goals, and this in turn helps us to achieve them.

    It didn’t escape me that both positive psychology experts cited exercise as a way to increase your happiness. I agree, when I exercise I feel more positive and like I am able to accomplish more in my daily life and in other areas of my life in addition to my health and fitness goals.

    I would add, that I needed to find some personal happiness and acceptance to get to the exercise portion. I had to move away from the self-hate and accept my body to be able to work on my health and fitness goals. Once I did this I was in a more positive state of mind to exercise, which produces more positive energy which keeps me on the overall path of happiness in my health and fitness goals and in other areas of my life.

  2. I hate this article, it makes me feel positive and I hate feeling positive. I hope you step in poo.

  3. Thanks BeagleSmuggler

    Thanks for sharing.

    I find it interesting that some people don’t / won’t see how the mental/physical/spiritual aspects of our selves are all intertwined.

    Even more aren’t willing to discuss it.

    Thanks for alerting me to the broken links – I have re-posted with a talk that Dr. Seligman did for TED.

    As well, I am including this link to the first of his youtube videos.

  4. I would say that 80-85% of the time I am pretty happy with my life. And I think exercise is a big contributing factor. When I exercise regularly, I do not worry too much about my body which is a big bonus when you are a female. And when you do not worry about the way you look, you also spend less time with the whole self hate and acceptance issue.

    But mostly I am just lucky to have a family and friends that I like to spend time with. I know some people hate holidays, but I always look forward to them because I get to spend time hanging out with people I care about.

  5. Friends and family are probably an even more important factor to happiness than exercise.

    I know that they can drive you crazy at times, but a life without friends and family can’t be a good one.

    I hope all my American readers enjoyed their holiday…and have recovered from their tryptophan comas.

  6. Is happiness possible? I don’t think so…it doesn’t correspond with a way the universe work – to keep everything in the balance. Or have you ever seen half a magnet?

    I’ve studied electrotechnical school and know, that you get no power from any device without positive and negative at the same time. I’m convinved that the same principle applies to happiness.

    The persuit of happiness is a futile quest. You’ll try to be happy and there is awlays something or someone that’ll take you down, bring back to the balance.

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