How Your Diet Can Wreck Your Waist to Hip Ratio

According to some of the luckiest scientists on earth, a woman’s waist to hip ratio may be the most important factor in determining her physical attractiveness.

Along with a variety of other factors, a relatively small waist and large hips is one of nature’s tricks to guarantee the evolution of our human race. To be blunt, a woman’s curves tells any available men that she is young and healthy and capable of makin’ babies.

So there you have it: Men are genetically programmed to be attracted to a woman’s curves.


So, how come America’s women have added an average of 6″ to their waistlines since the 1950s?

Where has the hourglass shape gone?

Why are more and more women looking less like this?
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and looking more like this:


Well, according to a whole lot of research:

It’s your diet.

More specifically, it’s all of the processed carbs in your diet. Like this:


and this:


and this:


But, don’t believe me.

Researchers from McMaster University found that the ratio of protein to carbs in your diet will determine your waist to hip ratio.

Eat more protein and less carbs…and you have curves.


Eat less protein and more carbs…and you will turn into a sausage


Want more info?….Here’s the study.