Fat Britannia


Back in the 90s, the U.K. was Cool Britannia.

No longer.

Today, I re-brand the U.K. as Fat Britannia.


And before any of you Brits start dropping F-Bombs and trying to head butt me through your computer, give me a chance to prove my point.

Fat Britannia: The Proof is in the Pudding…and chips and curries and…

According to the new EuroAspire survey,

  • Britons at high risk of heart attack are ‘in denial’ and ignoring doctors’ advice to change their lifestyle.
  • More than three-quarters are obese or overweight – with dangerously big stomachs – and most smokers have refused to give up.
  • More than half have out-of-control blood pressure and 40 per cent have high cholesterol levels.
  • Two out of three refuse to accept they are more at risk than other people their age – despite being given warnings by their GP and lots of prescription drugs.

This means they have a one in five chance of suffering a fatal heart attack unless they change their lifestyle.

But, they’re not changing their lifestyles.

  • Almost 80 per cent of those who were smokers at the time had not given up despite smoking being a major cause of heart disease.
  • Four out of five high risk patients were overweight or obese with dangerously large waists containing deposits of abdominal fat that raise the chances of diabetes and heart problems.
  • Two out of five patients said they did not exercise and had no plans to do so.
  • Around half had diabetes, including seven per cent whose condition was detected when they were taking part in the survey and having various tests.
  • 57 per cent of patients had raised blood pressure despite three-quarters of them being on anti-hypertensive drugs.
  • And last but not least, 40 per cent of patients had high blood cholesterol, even though the UK uses more statin drugs than any other European country except Italy.

And still, they continue to live in denial.

Two-thirds of those surveyed said they did not think their risk of heart disease was higher than a person in the general population of the same age and sex, including 16 per cent who thought it was lower.

Note: ALL of these people have been told by their doctors that they ARE at high risk of dying because of their lifestyles.

Professor David Wood, an expert in cardiovascular medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, London, said the survey raised concerns that many Britons were in denial about their heart health.

“This is high risk population, diagnosed by their GPs and started on treatment”.

“They should be managed much more rigorously and their lifestyle should be changing”.

Should be changing…but it isn’t.

And here’s where it gets interesting…for me at least.

Do the non-fat Brits have a moral/fiscal responsibility to help/coerce/force the fat Brits into changing their obesity-inducing lifestyles?

  • Do we have the moral obligation to look after others who can’t or won’t look after themselves?

When it comes to mental health issues, we have already accepted that obligation.

  • The Mental health Act of 1983 instructed British doctors to force feed anorexics over the age of 18.

It should be noted that, for force feeding to occur, the anorexic patient must be shown to be incapable of making rational decisions about their condition.

So, is it rational to live in a manner that causes:

And what about the cost of obesity to the rest of society?

  • Does the British taxpayer have to sit back and watch their taxes skyrocket as obesity drives up the cost of their nationalized health care spending?

Around the world, governments have taxed and legislated cigarette smokers almost to the point of extinction.


Why not obesity?

So, here’s my question to you?

What do we do to stop obesity?

  • Tax it to death?
  • Free gym memberships?
  • Legislate it to death?
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle?
  • Subsidize health food?
  • Free weight loss surgeries?
  • Nothing, it’s none of our damn business?


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  1. or
    1) all children must be outside every day for 5 hours (as I was as a minimum) playing football, hula hoop roller skating etc. Time clock must be installed in all homes for proof.
    2) Remove all medicine and hormones from our food.
    3) Only allow 100 grams of meat every week per adult
    4) No unhealthy food for sale in shops.
    5) No drinks for sale in shops. Only water.

    No it will probably not help.

    Only allow use of PC, Macs 1 hours per 24 hour?

  2. Awesome blog!!!! What do we do??? Teach the next generation that you have to “Work” to keep yourself health. Know what your putting in your body, no chemicals, or processed foods. Enjoy eating, take you time preparing your own foods. Stop going to fast foods restaurants. Slow down and walk outside to where you have to go. Stop racing to the next event in your live.

    When we start living like this, we’ll teach other to do the same. That’s what happened with “Cool Britannia”…..they made life to easy for us, everthing has to be ready for us NOW. We’re the lazy generation…..letting TV’s, Computers, XBox, PS3 entertain us. Instant fixes like drugs to correct our health problems when proper nutrition and execersie would do it better with out the side effect.

    Drink life In.

  3. Why should the British care about bad health? All their health care is FREE!

    They’re not stupid or non compos mentis.
    Leave ’em alone. It’s none of our business.


  4. Steve,

    It’s not free if you pay for it through your taxes.

    Americans will understand that soon enough.

    What do you think President Obama was doing up here in Canada last month?

    He was getting cheap prescription drugs.

  5. British healthcare isn’t free! Depending on your income, it will cost you between 1 and 11% of your net earnings. I pay 8%. Or, £4,235 a year; well over $7000 (although truth be told, not all of this is towards the NHS, some is for my state pension which is a different horror story). I haven’t been to a hospital or a doctors surgery for 7 years, so it’s hardly value for money.

    British people are just as stupid with food as the average American, as is evidenced by the ever increasing adult and childhood obesity.

    And “why should the British care about bad health”?! Are you serious? The same reason everybody else on the Earth should care about bad health. It’s imbecilic attitudes like that that have led to the current state of health of the western world.

  6. I am slightly radical but I would like to see taxes on all processed food and extra taxes on high fat / low nutrient and other unhealthy food. Raw foods should be (and are in Australia) tax free. I would also like to see free nutrition / cooking classes to the general public and compulsory in schools, as so many people don’t know how to cook anything remotely healthy. Here is Australia most people I know only know how to cook spaghetti bolgnese (that isn’t health food people!). They have a similar program where school children and taught the dangers of smoking with the stealth goal of getting them to go home and beg their relatives to stop so they won’t die. It works well, I know several people who stopped smoking that way.

    Super obesity should without doubt be classified as a mental illness and people sectioned for their own safety if necessary.
    That ends my rant – thank you.

  7. Yeh, some British people are overweight. It’s true.

    If you’re someone who has controlled their eating/drinking/exercize then good for you. As someone who hasn’t but who tries and regularly falls back into it there’s no need for preachy hating. The next generation of kids are getting lots of teaching and stuff to make sure they don’t turn out this way. But not all kids CAN go out and play. Not all kids have a playing field at school! Not all parent have been taught all the stuff you regularly tweet about. It’s hardly their fault that throughout their lives people havn’t cared to direct them in the right way. I find it fairly repulsive the kind of fascist comments that are left by others from time to time after your links, when no one gave a shit when the seeds were being sown.

  8. 1 – Children must eat healthier foods. Schools and parents must work together to support nutrition. Also, home economics ie cooking classes and gardening should be part of curriculum from an early age.
    2 – Parents, although it is hard to feed people on the move, must resist processed foods and takeaways. More home cooking with “outer aisle” ingredients – this is the only solution.
    3 – Obesity should become socially unacceptable. Like smoking. And drink driving. People must feel a social pressure not to be irresponsible.
    4 – National Service – At the age of 16, 17, 18, instead of a gap year maybe it is worth having both young men and young women learn about organic farming techniques, and also do other sorts of voluntary community work.

    The reason people eat poorly is that worldwide, people are becoming more and more detached from food preparation. Bringing all people closer to HEALTHY organic food preparation will go a long way to reducing obesity, excess weight and preventable disease.

    Doctors and medications are not the way forward. You very much are, what you eat as they old saying goes.

  9. You are what you eat…simple, easy to understand and 100% right

    You are also…how you move, how you think, how you feel & how you speak

    If you don’t know what to do…ask. There are lots of resources (ie Health Habits) showing you a healthier way to live.

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