Healing through Exercise


We all know that exercise is good for our health.

Mind and body.

And yet, when we get sick, most of us reach for a bottle of pills.

Author Jorg Blech wants to change that approach to health and healing.

In his new book, Healing through Exercise, Jorg has taken on a very difficult task.

He has written a medical science text…for the masses.

He spent months and months combing through all of the medical research investigating exercise and human health. He selected the strongest studies…

And then he wrote a book that:

  1. Makes a very strong scientific argument for an Exercise Prescription, and
  2. Hopefully doesn’t put the average reader to sleep

I think he succeeded.

Here’s some of the science


  • Exercise is the strongest known stimulus to growing new nerve cells in your brain
  • Children need active play in order to develop their mental abilities
  • Physically inactive men have reduced libidos (along with super-sized Viagra prescriptions)
  • Exercise has been shown to offset type 2 diabetes
  • Previously inactive senior citizens have been able to regain mobility and independence by following an exercise prescription
  • Exercise increases bone density
  • Aerobic exercise has been effective in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Exercise can induce cellular repair through the creation of stem cells
  • New blood vessels are created by aerobic exercise
  • Exercise reduces the effects of osteoarthritis
  • Exercise is being recommended for back pain sufferers
  • Children with ADHD have reduced symptoms with play therapy
  • Exercise therapy has been more effective than drugs in treating mild to moderate depression
  • Exercise protects the brain from Alzheimers
  • A number have cancers have responded well to exercise
  • Exercise plays a strong role in preventing obesity
  • Physical activity is common in societies known for their longevity, and
  • Exercise just make you feel better

siskel-and-ebertMy Review

I would have to give Healing through Exercise two thumbs up. (Darn that Ebert – never satisfied)

At the beginning of this post, I said that the author had taken on the difficult task of making a very technical book about exercise and health promotion accessible to the general public.

I think that he succeeded.


If you need more info about the book:


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  1. Thanks for the review, DR. The author would also probably appreciate your posting it at his product detail page at Amazon.com.

    I’ve long considered regular exercise the only real fountain of youth we have. In terms of functional abilities, regular physical activity takes about 10 years off your chronological age, compared to your average peers.

  2. the best exercise are full body exercises like military press and also swimming.*:,

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