People ARE Stupid

Zac Forder is a lively and active child of five, weighing 47 lbs (3st 5lb).

However, according to official British healthcare guidelines, he is fat…and likely to die from cancer.

BTW, this is Zac

Zac Forder

Chubby little bugger, ain’t he.


Just another reason why the top-down approach to obesity prevention doesn’t work.

Government can’t legislate obesity


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  1. oh my… that’s horrible.

    Maybe Britain should take a look at what “healthy”, “big boned” kids in America look like. Maybe if the two countries put their “heads” together they can convince each other what a truly overweight kid looks like and do something about it. Or not.

  2. Aw, don’t be fooled — he’s sucking in! Kidding, kidding.

    On a side note: Doug, do you happen to know any trainers in the Boston area that have the same approach/mindset as you? I’m not keen on hiring a personal trainer b/c I used to be really fit and feel it’s something I should be able to do “on my own,” but I’m just curious about whether you know anyone in/near Boston… just in case I decide to go that route. (By “same mindset as you” I mean emphasizing HIIT, healthy mind as well as body, anti-diets, pro-low-insulin, etc, etc. Your approach is fantastic; I love your blog.)

  3. Hi Emily,

    I have met a couple of trainers from the Beantown area, but they were your typical health club trainers. Not too bad, but not very good. So, NO, I can’t recommend anyone to you.

    However, if you’re interested, I have been considering setting up an email training program and I could use some beta testers.

    It would involve me sending you a new workout plan every week with videos detailing the exercises. I envision it working something like these T-Nation transformations ( Gus & Bartl ), but less bodybuilderish and more geared towards your unique fitness goals.

    No charge of course. You would be doing me a favor.

    Let me know what you think

  4. Wow, I laughed out loud when I read that. It’s true that government can’t regulate obesity now, but I think the government does a poor job with obesity because the leaders are fat-phobic and rely upon outdated beliefs and tools to feed into their phobia (BMI measurements, for example). I think the government could be helpful in improving the health of people through required PE classes and other times devoted to physical activity instead of forcing teachers to spend classroom time on teaching to a standardized test. But I do think this would be best managed by the local government, not the feds.

  5. Doesn’t suprize me. One person I know is a BMI 27 and a dress size 12-14 UK sizes (so a US 10-12). She is “over weight”.

    Others I know are tiny in size, light as a feather yet no exercise and vast quantities of junk foods have given then cholestral problems and don’t even try to get them to run, they just can’t (and wont) do it. These people will die early, health related deaths.

    I think its way to simplistic to base health on BMI, there are too many unique situations, there are too many people who are different from each other.

  6. BMI drives me nuts – If you want to measure bodyfat, measure bodyfat….not circumference.

    I have a client who (over the course of 6 months) dropped a ton of bodyfat while drastically improving numerous markers of health (blood & urine tests, CV tests, etc).

    Even with all that, his doctor tellls him that his BMI is too high and that future tests may show problems. His BMI was high due to the 12 lbs of muscle he added.

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