The 25 Fittest Men in the World

phil keoghan

20.      Phil Keoghan

Taping The Amazing Race is a grueling four weeks of nonstop travel with little sleep.

Keoghan, the host, typically loses 10 pounds before the winner crosses the finish line. So before he hits the road, Keoghan ratchets up his workouts. To get ready for the most recent season, the Santa Monica resident brushed up on his boxing. “It absolutely kills me,” he says. “I’m still a terrible boxer, but it gets me in shape.”

Since turning 40, Keoghan has done 100 pushups daily. “Sometimes I’m struggling and have to stop and stretch,” he says. “But if you take care of things on the inside, it allows you to take care of things externally as well.”

The List at a Glance

  1. Rafael Nadal
  2. Hugh Jackman
  3. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
  4. Josh Hamilton
  5. Usain Bolt
  6. Rudy Reyes
  7. Paul Ridley
  8. Shani Davis
  9. Bob Burnquist
  10. Sir Richard Branson
  11. Richard Roll
  12. Tim Tebow
  13. Lebron James
  14. Jared Padalecki
  15. Simon Dumont
  16. Manny Pacquiao
  17. Adrian Fenty
  18. Robert Downey Jr.
  19. Kevin Rose
  20. Phil Keoghan
  21. Akon
  22. Georges St.Pierre
  23. Lewis Hamilton
  24. Clive Owen
  25. Larry Fitzgerald

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