A Spark of Hope in the Fight against Childhood Obesity

Spark - heart and stroke - childhood obesity ad

It’s official: I’m a skeptic.

I saw this ad in yesterday’s paper and instead of feeling excited that a huge ($$$)organization like the Heart & Stroke Foundation is jumping onto the childhood obesity bandwagon, I react with criticism.

Criticism that large organizations like the Heart & Stroke Foundation are great at putting out pamphlets and telling people to exercise and eat broccoli, but are really, really bad at actually affecting any change.

I also criticized the fact that one of the major sponsors of this program is the drug company – Sanofi-Aventis. And you know how I feel about most anti-obesity medications.

I criticized the fact that the media has made an issue out of childhood obesity and now all of the politicians and NGOs are scrambling to put together programs that show their concern for this epidemic and their continued support for the blah, blah, blah.

See, I’m a skeptic.

But…maybe I can change.

Maybe I can pick up the phone and get in touch with Mr. or Mrs. Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Maybe I can tell them about the personal trainers who donate their time and run outdoor fitness classes in low income neighborhoods…or the personal chefs who teach families how to cook low-cost, healthy meals that even the kids will eat…or the bloggers that provide info, instruction, support, etc to all of those people out there desperate to lose weight and get fit.

Maybe I don’t have to be a skeptic

But then again, probably not.


On a related note, I got an email today from Derek @ Gyminee. For those of you that don’t know, Gyminee is/was a website devoted to tracking your diet/exercise routines.

Apparently, Gyminee has managed to acquire a big pile of angel investor money and have re-branded themselves as DailyBurn.

I took a look at the site today and it looks pretty good.

While I still need to play with it a little bit and get a bit more feedback from Derek et al, what I would like to do is set up a Health Habits group on DailyBurn for those individuals who would like to track their weight loss/fitness progress.

I would post daily workouts, complete with videos. Kind of like Crossfit but without the random Crossfit approach to program design.

I would also work with the Healthy Irishman and others to put together a collection of super-healthy/super-tasty recipes.

You can sign up for this group now, but I still have a bunch of work to do.

Any suggestions/requests would be appreciated.

How’s that for an optimistic positive attitude?


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