Today’s Workout – June 07, 2009


Cardio Workout Day

  • 30 min of steady state cardio at 60-70% intensity (recumbant stationary bike)
  • 20 min of HIIT sprints on the bike – 90-100% intensity (alternating 10 sec, 15 sec & 20 second sprints – recovery times were 50, 45 & 40 seconds respectively)
  • 10 min of steady state cardio @ 50% intensity
  • 15 min of stretching + foam roller work on my IT Bands


Read a little of Dr. Natasha Turner’s “The Hormone Diet” during the first 30 min on the bike. Pretty good so far. This book is selling well in Canada but barely making a dent in the States. Too bad. Good stuff. I will be reviewing this book along with the Jillian Michaels book.


  1. That’s what my clients said, before they experienced the exquisite pain of the foam roller

    Seriously, the foam is much more dense than a pool noodle. What the roller does is break up adhesions in your muscles. Basically, it breaks up the knots in your muscles.

    And the IT band is one of my personal faves.

  2. I am guessing they sell those on Amazon? OR is there a better place to buy one? What are they called? Foam rollers?

  3. Come to think of it, if I didn’t want to pay shipping (since the budget is VERY tight) where might one acquire one of these? Is there a certain density or other specifics I need to look for?

  4. John

    Perform Better
    is a good online store for foam rollers etc…

    I bought mine at a fitness store up here in Toronto. It’s the kind of place that specializes in treadmills and other fitness equip

    I would send you a link but their site is down for repairs.

    Anyway, assuming you have a store like that in your area, I would recommend not buying the lowest priced, white foam roller. It’s too soft and it loses it’s round shape.

    I bought a 1 ft long blue (EVA foam) foam roller about a year ago and it’s stilll going strong. Still round, still painful.

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