Today’s Workout – June 09, 2009

old fashioned bicycle

Cardio Workout Day

  • 30 min of steady state cardio at 60-70% intensity (recumbant stationary bike)
  • 20 min of HIIT sprints on the bike – 100% intensity (10 sec sprint – 50 sec recovery time)
  • 10 min of steady state cardio @ 50% intensity
  • 10 min of stretching
  • 20 min of meditation (approx time as time ceases to be linear in the meditative state…..ohmmmm

Additional 60 min (approx) of walking today


  1. 2.5 hrs? That’s a lot.

    I’m trying to add more exercise to my week, but I just…I’ve never really LOVED working out. I don’t think I get that exercise high people talk about. So I know that working out is good for me, but it can be really hard to drag myself to the gym even 3 or 4 times a week. And the idea that I have to keep doing this forever is daunting.

  2. Brit,

    Maybe we need to find you a better form of exercise. Workouts at the gym isn’t for everybody.

    I have a friend who loves to salsa dance…salsa dancing is her workout.

    The workouts that I talk about are great because they reduce the time required to get fit. Instead of doing physical labor like our ancestors, most of live pretty inactive lifestyles (due to work, travel, suburbia, etc…). So instead of hunting & gathering for 6 hours, we work 8 hours at the office and then squeeze in an hour at the gym.

    Now we just need to find a physical activity that you can learn to love.

  3. I just don’t know. I have my martial arts class that I do twice a week, and I’ve been trying to go to my apartment complex’s gym 1 or 2 other days per week, doing either one of the workouts you gave me, or part of your workout plus running on a treadmill, as I’ve kind of gotten back into that. I don’t HATE any of my workouts, but I don’t LOVE them either. And it’s definitely hardest to get myself started. I think that’s my main problem–I’d much rather be still and stationary, so I’m going to naturally dislike pretty much any exercise, because I’m going to end up sweaty and tired and achy, and that’s no fun.

    My college does have lots of dance clubs, and there’s a Latin & Ballroom dance one (also Salsa and Tango, but this one would have more dances) that looks interesting. However, I don’t think it’s open until classes start again in the fall.

    *checks websites*

    Okay, I lied. They’re all still on during the summer. My bad.

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