The Top 10 Fitness Experts in the Universe

Need some fitness advice?

Need to get in shape……fast?

Well, look no further, because in today’s post, I have assembled the top 10 workouts from the top 10 leading minds in the field of exercise science.


Just kidding…seriously


Workout Genius #1.

Kim Kardashian – Fit in your Jeans by Friday

kim kardashian fit in your jeans by friday

Workout Genius #2

Carmen Electra – Aerobic Striptease

carmen electra aerobic striptease

Workout Genius #3

Jane Fonda – The Original Celebrity Workout Guru

jane fonda workout

Workout Genius #4

Jim Carrey – aka Vera DeMilo

Workout Genius #5

Suzanne Somers – The ThighMaster

suzanne somers thighmaster

Workout Genius #6

Cindy Crawford

cindy crawford workout

Who knew that Cindy spoke German?

Workout Genius #7

Fabio – that’s all I’m sayin…Fabio

fabio workout

Workout Genius #8


barbie workout

Workout Genius #9

Heather Locklear


Workout Genius #10

Traci Lords – Warm Up with Traci Lords

traci lords workout

And as an extra bonus, I have included this classic from the 80s.

The 20 Minute Workout


If anyone has any other classic workout videos/books/etc, leave a comment and I will expand the list.


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  1. HA, I didn’t know Heather Locklear did a video. Her hair is awesome.

    So… I don’t know why I don’t see fitness expert DR’s video on this list…

  2. I never realized Carmen Electra had such amazing flexibility.

    But I can’t see myself doing her workout on a regular basis, or even once.

    I’m glad my wife didn’t walk by as I was watching it. I’d have had some ‘splainin’ to do.

  3. HAHAHA!!! OMG, the Jim Carrey one is by far the stand-out BEST of them all. I’d actually forgotten about that character… what a show that was!!

    thanks for that, man did I need a laugh today and you came thru for me at the very last minute!! haha

    thanks again.

  4. I have no idea why anyone would take fitness advice from Kim Kardashian. Her ass is as big as a house! Really funny post, though. It’s a shame how many people buy into this crap. My sister actually wanted the Carmen Electra dvd…

  5. My fave was the Traci Lords “Jazzthethics” workout. I wonder where she learned that particular exercise?

  6. Jumpin geehosephat, that Traci girl had some mad skilz. This gave me a new appreciation for Carmen as well.

    I can’t agree with the choice of Vera DeMilo though, very little aerobic content, and her hair just isn’t up to par with the rest of the fitness experts, especially Fabio.

    Thanks for this very useful list.

  7. Ha. Funny stuff. I guess if I was a celebrity I’d also do what I could to make all the cash I could earn. I’m 25 years old and didn’t know who Jane Fonda was until I got into fitness and found her video. Her butt exercises are still THE butt exercises.

  8. 1) Kim Kardashian’s WWF outfit is the best part of her video. I wonder how long it took her to learn that step routine.
    2) The first comment…AYDS, never heard of that before. Oh my Lord.

    This post was hilarious. Crying on my couch, thank you!

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