HIIT is your best choice for burning off Belly Fat

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Abdominal Visceral Fat (aka Belly Fat) has been strongly linked to:

  • Depression
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Systemic Inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Death

In a nutshell, a big gut is not a good thing.


High Intensity (HIIT and/or HIRT) Training burns off belly fat faster than any other form of exercise.

The Magic of HIIT
The Magic of HIIT

The Science

Study # 1

In 2008, researchers took 27 middle-aged obese women with metabolic syndrome and subjected them to one of three exercise programs.

  • Group 1 was the no-exercise control group
  • Group 2 was the low intensity (aerobic) exercise group –
  • Group 3 was the high intensity (HIIT) exercise group

Groups 2 & 3 performed 5 workouts per week @ 400 calories per workout.

After 16 weeks, the HIIT group had significantly reduced total abdominal fat, abdominal subcutaneous fat and most importantly abdominal visceral fat.

Sadly, Groups 1 & 2 saw no significant changes in fat loss.

Study # 2

In study #2, researchers took 45 normal women (mean BMI 23.2plusminus2.0 kg m-2 and age of 20.2plusminus2.0 years) and subjected them to a 15 week HIIT exercise program.

As in the first study, the women were divided into 3 groups.

  • Group 1 was the no-exercise control group
  • Group 2 was the low intensity (aerobic) exercise group –
  • Group 3 was the high intensity (HIIT) exercise group

After 15 weeks, both exercise groups demonstrated a significant improvement in cardiovascular fitness.

However, only the HIIT group had a significant reduction in:

  • total body mass (TBM),
  • fat mass (FM),
  • trunk fat
  • and fasting plasma insulin levels.




High Intensity training (HIIT or HIRT) is more effective than cardio training for burning off belly fat.



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