Question for YOU

Ever since the Nintendo Wii fitness video game thingy came out, I have been considering:

  1. How technology is currently being used to improve physical fitness/nutrition/etc..
  2. And , more importanly, how it should be used to improve physical fitness/nutrition/etc..

At the present time, there are a few big technological influences on fitness:

  1. The internet – web sites, blogs, videos, etc…
  2. iPhone fitness apps
  3. Nintendo Wii fitness games

In fact, I just read that those fitness video games are the fastest growing part of the gaming industry.

The only problem is…

bob greene ea active wii

…They suck.

Even the worst personal trainer at the cheesiest health club is going to give you a better workout than you’re going to get with this toy.

Seriously, that band is made for an 80 year old, arthritic grandmother type…or Bob Greene.

And that’s fine if you’re an 80 yr old grandmother…or Bob Greene.


So, finally, here’s my question:

With the technology available today, or with the technology that’s coming on the horizon, how do YOU think that technology can be used to improve fitness training, diet, etc…?


  1. I’d like to see more affordable calorie trackers – like I love the idea of the BodyBugg, but it’s so damn expensive. I think that people would be more conscious of their weight and caloric intake if it was being tracked right in front of them.

    I use the new Wii Active – it’s not a gym workout, but it gets me up and moving and I’ve noticed that I’ve incorporated a lot more actual exercise (like daily biking/running) since I started it. I also love using my iPhone to track my caloric intake, BMI and weight. I’d love to see more programs like that, but more affordable because not everyone can afford an iPhone.

  2. I’d like a bodybugg for about a week, just to see how things go. Otherwise, I’m very low-tech. I walk in the woods, I bike in the city, I do only classes at the gym.

  3. Hi Doug! Great points here. There’s a new study that shows that email and phone counseling help clients lose weight. It seems that any way you can connect to someone who’s going to help motivate you and hold you accountable, while providing guidance; helps people get to their fitness goals. But…we already knew that! Great post, keep up the wonderful work here. 🙂

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