Are You Tough Enough for This Workout?

Are you tough enough to handle one of my custom HIIT/HIRT workouts?

And by handle the workout, I don’t mean just survive the workout. I mean, can you push yourself harder than you ever have before?

Can you kick my ass at this workout? Well, can you…punk?

The Workout

Part 1 – The HIIT.

30 minutes of HIIT sprints on a Stationary Bike

Note: These are short duration sprints – 10 sec. As such, they are to be performed at Maximum IntensityAnd when I say max intensity, I mean MAXIMUM INTENSITY.

      The 20 sec Active Rests should be performed at a 6-8 on the Borg Scale…very, very light effort.

Part 2 – The HIRT

This second part of the workout is a 10 Minute HIRT Circuit consisting of 3 exercises, performed back to back with no rest between sets. The goal is to complete as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes

Each set will consist of 5 reps performed in an explosive manner.We will be using bodyweight exercises.

  • Push-Up – 5 Reps per Set – As Many Sets As Possible in 10 minutes
  • Body-weight Row – 5 Reps per Set – As Many Sets As Possible in 10 minutes
  • Bulgarian Split Squat – 5 Reps per Set – As Many Sets As Possible in 10 minutes

For most, body-weight will be more than enough resistance. However, if you think you can handle it, feel free to add some resistance (weight vest, chains, bands, plates, dumbbells…your choice). But, I don’t want you sacrificing intensity & speed just to add some weight.

  • Remember, there is no rest between sets.
  • Perform all 3 exercises in the same spot.

I find that a Power Rack or Smith Machine works well for the Body-weight Rows. So, I just camp out there for the full 10 minutes using the bar (or a bench) for the Bulgarian Split Squats.

So, do you think you can kick my ass at this workout? Here’s how I did earlier today:

HIIT Sprints

      • All sprints completed as designed
      • Bike Resistance set at 80% of maximum
      • Fastest Revolutions per Leg in 10 seconds – 32 (3rd sprint)
      • Slowest Revolutions per Leg in 10 seconds – 24 (last sprint)

HIRT Workout

      • Push-Up – BW (248) + 20 lb Weight Vest for 100 reps
      • BW Row – BW (248) + 20 lb Weight Vest for 100 reps (Body held parallel to floor)
      • Bulgarian Split Squat – BW (248) + 20 lb Weight Vest + 25 lb plate for 105 reps per leg (Back leg on std. flat bench)

So, can you kick my ass?

PDF copy of the workout


  1. You bested me by significant margins!

    Push ups: 217lbs (BW) – 75 total
    Body Weight Rows: 220lbs* – 75 total
    BSS: 217lbs (BW) – 70 total

    *I don’t have a bar low enough to do BW rows, I used my bowflex with 220lbs of their resistance, locked legs and back, and performed rows that way. If I had to guess the bowflex 220lbs starts easier but ends harder than a real 220lbs at that level of bend occurring.

    Per HRM:
    827 calories burned
    150bpm avg
    196bpm max (new max HR for me by 2)
    1 minute recovery rate: 51 (183-132)

    Per Bike:
    5.8 miles


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