Why Do I Gain Fat On My…???

  • Why do I gain fat on my belly?
  • Why do I gain fat on my legs?
  • Why do I gain fat on my arms?
  • Why do I gain fat on my love handles?
  • Why do I gain fat on my muffin top?
  • Why do I gain fat on my booty?

Just about every day I am asked some version of this question.

People generally understand why they have gained extra body fat in general…

  • they eat too much processed food,
  • they can’t find time to exercise,
  • they watch too much tv, etc.

But when it comes to figuring out why they have been packing it on a specific part of their body, they have no idea…

Luckily for them, I have a pretty good idea WHY.


  • Different hormones for different areas.
  • Hormones that cause belly fat
  • Hormones that cause love handles
  • Hormones that cause “man-boobs”

So, as a public service, I am posting these two Body-Fat Maps to help you determine your own particular hormonal imbalance.

Ladies first…

Body-Fat Map - Female woman

Now the gents…

Body-Fat Map - Male

Alright…so now you know what your personal problem areas say about your hormone balance or imbalance as the case may be. Maybe you need to look at your growth hormone…maybe you need to be concerned about insulin.

What Do You DO NOW?

Q.  How do you fix the problem?

A.  Start by visiting Page 2