The Future of Health Food

  • Healthcare reform is all over the news.
  • Obesity is recognized as a major global health concern.
  • The baby boomers are becoming senior citizens.
  • Health food, organic food, slow food and local food movements are becoming mainstream.
  • And the cost of healthcare is increasing at an almost exponential rate.


As a result, you might as well forget about those oil and tech stocks.

Health is going to be the new growth market.

And a big part of that market is going to be nutrition, supplements and functional foods.

So, what does the future hold for health food?

Is this the future of health food?

Or is this the future of health food?

nestle boost ad #1

Sorry about splitting the image. The ad came from my morning newspaper and it was too big for my scanner. If anyone finds the entire image online, let me know.

nestle boost ad #2

This is how the world’s largest food producer (and soon to be largest producer of “health & wellness” products) sees the future of human nutrition.

Complete nutrition for young and old alike.


This is complete nutrition.

organic pork stir fry
organic pork stir fry

Not this…

nestle boost bottle

Or this…



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  1. I fully agree with you. However, we must also be careful of the source we get our whole foods due to mineral deficiencies in our soils.

    I am currently looking a lot into raw green powders for a natural and quick vitamin / mineral boost rather than products such as Boost that are full of chemicals, sweeteners and synthetic vitamins!

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