Better Than The Biggest Loser

This post is for all of those people out there who watch The Biggest Loser.

STOP! x-weighted xweighted x weighted

TBL is BAD. biggest loser

But, luckily for you, I am here to help.

I am here to tell you about…


X-Weighted is such a perfect example of the difference between Canadian and American television programming.

Where The Biggest Loser is about quick results, X-Weighted is about long term success.

Where The Biggest Loser is about sound bites and perfect hair, X-Weighted is real.

And where The Biggest Loser is a worldwide ratings success, X-Weighted exists in relative obscurity.

Like most other weight loss reality shows, X-Weighted follows one or two people through their transformation from fat to slightly less fat.

The trainees receive help from personal trainers, nutritionists and various other medical personnel.

Unlike other shows, the stars of X-Weighted are followed for 6 whole months.

6 Months….enough time to make some real changes in your life.


Real people getting real results.

And if that isn’t enough for ya, you are going to love the host/celebrity trainer, Paul Plakas.

Personally, I don’t agree with all of his training/diet ideas. But, what I do like about Paul is that he is a real person. When I watch the show, it feels more like a documentary than a reality show, and Paul is a big part of that.


So, please…switch off The Biggest Loser and switch on X-Weighted

Here’s a link to X-Weighted episodes online.



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  1. I always thought that for TBL, what they *should* do is check back in a year after the big finale, and whoever has lost the greatest % of body fat at THAT point should get the prize money. As the show is now, it seems it would encourage major last-minute crash-dieting, obsessive exercising, etc. Make people do this over the long-term, and then let’s see what happens!

    Airing on Slice™, X-Weighted: Families is an inspiring series of one-hour documentaries showcasing the triumph of losing weight by encouraging healthy lifestyles and hard work.
    For its upcoming fifth season, X-Weighted is looking for more families ready to come to
    terms with their unhealthy reality. Each episode will follow a different family in their
    struggles and successes in effecting positive change through nutrition and exercise in their lives over a period of six months. We’re looking for families who want to make
    healthy living a priority, inspiring both themselves and audiences everywhere.

    Contact us if your family:
    • Is sick of living an unhealthy lifestyle and wants to make positive changes,
    • has children between the ages of 8 and 17,
    • lives in (or within an hour’s drive of) VANCOUVER, CALGARY, or KELOWNA.

    We want to tell your story.
    Apply now by downloading the application questionnaire at Please complete the questionnaire and send it with current, full-length photos of your family via:
    Fax: (780) 465-0580
    Mail: Anaid Productions
    208–3132 Parsons Road,
    Edmonton, AB, T6N 1L6

    Submit your application to X-Weighted as soon as possible.


  3. I have stopped watching Biggest Loser because I got tired of the theatrics. I don’t think they are looking after to best interest of the people participating. They are more concerned about ratings than the people involved.

    Also, I think that Bob and Jill are bullies who use the excuse “Its good for you!” to make people suffer needlessly. They obviously don’t understand that extreme physical exercise is bad for you in the long run. Many studies show that extreme exercise produces excessive amounts of free radicals which harm you.

    If your weight control regime doesn’t include healthy low glycemic foods, moderate exercise and high quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements, you will do yourself more harm than good in the long run.

  4. I absolutely agree! X-Weighted is a great show. Paul is funny and real, and it’s WAY better than BL! Thx for the post.

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