Spice Month Round Up

Spice Stall in France

For those of you who are regular followers of the site, now you will no doubt be experts in using spices from that infamous spice rack in your kitchen. For the entire month of August I gave you guys recipes containing the most popular spices requested. What I’ve decided to do today is give a run down of what we made as well as highlight some other recipes that I’ve used containing your requests. Now it’s time to tuck into that rack (that didn’t sound so good, did it?) and get cookin’!

We kicked off the proceedings with one of my faves….
Allspice. I did a Jerk seasoned trio of recipes with this bad boy just so everyone could try it out with no excuses! Tell me, who made the jerk sauce? I also busted out a Banana Buckwheat Muffin recipe using allspice for all my baking buddies. Now, these were the business even though I’m not renowned as a ‘Pat the Baker’.
Other GM (Gavan Murphy) allspice recipes:
Healthy fresh baked apple tart
Homemade ketchup
Lamb Burgers

Next up was a bit of a surprise but Dried Thyme got the nod here. I had had a request for a healthy chowder recipe so being all about giving, as I am (by my own admission) that’s what I did. This is my no dairy/no butter version which turned out really well. I must prefer to use fresh thyme over dried since nearly all of my recipes call for fresh. Not to worry, remember our conversion? (If not, click chowder link to refresh your memory).

Spiced Okra

The one spice I thought would come in first place (I guess isn’t as hard for people) was Turmeric. By the way, is there a reason why we pronounce it TOO-Mer-ic? I really enjoyed working with it and figured since turmeric is a Middle Eastern spice, making an Indian dish was the best way to go. I made a Spiced Bindi (Okra) (Above) dish as well as Turmeric roasted mini potatoes with Arugula (or Rocket known across the pond–that one’s for you Eske). Because I was into using this so much I popped out a third recipe, Moroccan Quinoa Salad. This is gooood and a great healthy grain to boot. Still looking for help on my sad little Tikka Salmon, though…any takers?

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