Fig and Goats Cheese Pizza

Fig Pizza

Since I started ‘borrowing’ my neighbors figs from their tree, I’ve been using them in all sorts of dishes from frozen yogurt to couscous to salsa and now a simple pizza. When I do venture out to have some pizza (a rarity usually with drink involved) I’ll always go for a thin crust version. Less filling, tastes great (name that ad!)
With all the figs that seem to have ‘arrived’ somehow in my possession I thought this would work great in a pizza, plus I needed something quick to make for my hungry and cranky Missus. I’ve made a similar type pizza before with lavash but I found this multi-grain flat bread version with flax, which I thought would make great alternative. (Turns out it did.) You might think this is a lot of fig but believe me it works and isn’t too sweet especially with the goats cheese. Total joy–this last minute recipe turned out brilliantly!


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