iFitness Hack


The iFitness smartphone application is one of the best and most popular iPhone/Blackberry apps for fitness junkies.

  • It has a huge exercise database that provides clear instructions and pictures of hundreds of exercises.
  • It has all sorts of pre-designed workouts based upon your individual fitness goals.
  • It also lets you design custom workouts
  • You can even create new exercises and upload pictures.

But, it isn’t perfect.

What I would like to see is an iFitness hack where people like me (trainers) could design custom iFitness workouts for other iFitness subscribers (my clients).

But, you can’t do that.

And since I have had no success in contacting iFitness (email, phone, carrier pigeon) about this issue, I thought that I would throw my request out onto the internet.

So, is there anyone out there with the computer skills to help me design a better iFitness-esqe app?

And for those of you who have no idea what iFitness is, here is an introductory video

One comment

  1. I love iFitness but would love more workouts designed around me! Would be great if you could design workouts and send them to me or other iFitness users. Yes the people behind iFitness are illusive, claiming to be medical professionals, but it does seem like the workouts and descriptions are not by Fitness trainers????

    Anyway what you could do is start a website dedicated to creating workouts with instructions on how to add them to your routines on iFitness???

    This way they could create a workout, then add the routines already in the phone to your workout?

    You could create any routine you wanted, but it would not be automatic…

    Just a thought…

  2. I just got the program yesterday and was thinking the same thing. I would like program designed to train for a specifc sport like golf, hockey etc.

  3. This application is very similar to the one I’m using now – it is called All-in Fitness and it has even more options such as built in pedometer, tracker and even the option to follow the history of my trainings. Try it!

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