Can America’s Food Producers Save Us From Obesity?

30 of America’s biggest food producers have come together to form the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation.

It’s kind of like the Justice League of America, but instead of fighting comic book super villains, the HWCF is fighting against obesity.

Justice League of America

Their plan is to do this by “helping consumers lead healthier lives by making energy balance – calories in balanced with calories out – a daily habit”.

We will do this by increasing access and opportunities for physical activity, healthier nutrition options and raising awareness of the energy balance approach…

…in the marketplace….

…participating companies are committing to build on existing efforts and will be making changes to their products, packaging and labeling to make it easier for consumers to manage their calorie intake while preserving or enhancing overall nutrition quality.

Specific options companies may undertake include:

  • product reformulation and innovation;
  • providing smaller portions;
  • redesigning packaging and labeling;
  • placing calorie information on the front of products;
  • providing consumers with information and educational materials;
  • and in-store promotion of the initiative.

…in the workplace…

…participating companies will undertake new or enhance existing programs to help employees achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

This may include:

  • providing calorie information and healthier food and beverage options in cafeterias,
  • vending machines and break rooms;
  • providing access to exercise at work through individual and group activities;
  • offering weight management programs;
  • and implementing tools to track progress, like health risk appraisals.

…and in schools…

…the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation will expand the successful Healthy Schools Partnership to additional schools around the country.  The Healthy Schools Partnership integrates nutrition education and physical education through a school-based curriculum to help children develop lifelong positive healthy habits.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it.

  • Healthier food products
  • Improved and expanded nutrition information
  • and lots and lots of money being spent to help improve our fitness levels

So, how come I feel dirty.

Like I have just been lied to.

Hmmmm, it seems like my Spidey-Sense is tingling.

spidey sense


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  1. My spidey sense is telling me that none of the nutrition labels and healthy food logos are going to change the fact that 75% of the food in any grocery store is crap.

    And selling crap is how they make their money

    When they come out and say that processed food is nutritionally inferior to real food, but that it doesn’t matter because processed food is faster to prepare than real food and because most people would rather save 5 min than eat something good for them.

    When they come out and say something like THAT, then I will believe them.

    Until then, I wouldn’t trust anything they say

  2. I would also go so far as to say that 75% of the ‘members’ of this group are junk food manufacturers. Nestle, Coca-Cola, Kellogg, Sarah Lee, Hershey, Ralston, Pepsi, Smuckers…

    This group is nothing more than a front for advertising and distributing junk food in the guise of health food. Yeah Sun Chips are better than potato chips and Raisin Bran is better than Fruity Pebbles, but the question you should ask is: “Are the ‘better’ foods even good for us?” Think about it.

    mmmm… fruity pebbles…

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