Fresh Provençal Sauce 3 Ways

Whitefish Provençal with Courgettes Filet Mignon with fresh Provençal Sauce

Thursday I wrote about our experience with the CSA box delivery service, which I am defo enjoying. In box 2 we received more delicious grapes, apples, sweet peppers (I just made more hummus with these because the first batch was so good!), red chard, lettuce, yellow onions and some beautiful end-of-season tomatoes. The chard went straight into two soups: black eyed pea & squash (I decided to sub chard for the spinach) and a new lentil soup (soon to be posted). For the tomatoes, I decided to make a big batch of Provençal sauce. Considering I eat pasta for lunch most days it made sense, but I also wanted to take this batch and make it last throughout the week in three different recipes. It’s a simple yet great way to use up your excess tomatoes that may be losing their summer sweet flavor. Slow cooking these bad boys allows the natural sugar in the fruit (yes, they are considered a fruit) to come out and you end up with a delicious tomato sauce.

I used the sauce in a variety of ways to show just how versatile it is–with fish, steak and as a vegetarian meal with pasta, which could also be a side dish. Who can’t use a little fresh homemade tomato sauce tucked away?

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  1. This has nothing to do with the post, but I thought that you might be interested in this website:
    I am not promoting anything, I am just a low carb advocate like yourself and it seems to me that we agree on a lot (great blog by the way!). Mark’s Daily Apple and the MDA Forum are really great resourses for everything health and fitness using “unconventional” wisdom. Let me know what you think!

  2. I am a big fan of the Daily Apple. I check out his rss feed every day.

    It’s too bad that the “primal” lifestyle is unconventional. If it was the norm, I don’t think we would have our problems with obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc…

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