Toronto By-Law Nazi Accosts Senior Citizens for Exercising in a Public Park

Most days, I love living in Toronto.

It’s a great city. All the culture you could want and you can still walk down the street at night.

But, yesterday, as I was reading my morning newspapers over a cup of coffee, I came upon this story….

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…and it pissed me off.

Why in the world would a city bylaw officer harass senior citizens for exercising in a public park?

Why harass anyone for exercising in a public park?

As a nation, Canada is getting fatter year after year.

Our provincial health care systems are being bankrupted by chronic diseases brought on by the same lifestyle choices that cause obesity.

So, why would the city discourage physical activity by ticketing citizens to exercise in public parks that they already support with their tax dollars?

Especially when you consider that way back in 2005, Toronto city council created Get Your Move On

an initiative formed between public, voluntary and private sector organizations to address the current epidemic of physical inactivity by achieving increased physical activity levels in Toronto by raising public awareness, creating more opportunities and reducing barriers to enable all residents to be physically active where they live, work and play.

This commitment was stated again in 2008 when Mayor David Miller once again joined with those same members of the private, public and voluntary sectors to re-brand Get Your Move On as Get Active Toronto.

At this time, the mayor et al signed a Declaration of Commitment to a physically active Toronto.

Partnership Commitment Statement
As members of the Get your move on partnership, we commit to working together with individuals, community groups, agencies, institutions, businesses and all levels of government to achieve increased physical activity among all residents.

To accomplish this Get your move on partners will:

  • Promote healthy active living for all Toronto residents, beginning with children, youth, their families and other influencers. Champion the right of residents to have the opportunity for daily physical activity.
  • Seek innovative, creative solutions to reduce systemic barriers to physical activity.
  • Lead by example, undertaking initiatives within our organizations and communities to foster significant increases in physical activity and health. Develop and promote a civic culture where active living is part of everyday life.
  • Involve and support individuals, groups and organizations across sectors to build a movement that promotes physical activity for all Toronto residents.

Our commitment will increase opportunities and access for physical activity and contribute to lasting change for the people of Toronto.


I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.


Thanks to Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy for breaking this shameful story.


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