How the Internet Will Help You Improve Your Health, Boost Your Fitness and Help You Lose Weight

Yesterday, I opened up a can of whoop-ass on the Health/Fitness/Obesity industry.

I argued that it was wrong of the “experts” to abandon their clients and deflect all of the blame for their fitness failures on a simple lack of willpower.

And based upon your comments, you agree…sort of.

You agreed that the health/fitness industry is pretty slimy and that a lot of the “experts” play off our insecurities and our desire for a quick & easy fix.

snakeoil snake oil

But, you weren’t so quick to let the consumer off the hook. Like a bunch of libertarians, you were willing to accept responsibility for your own health & fitness.

And I applaud you for that.

If only there was a way for the rest of the world to learn from your example…

If only Erin and Julie and Matt and Diane and Arielle had a forum to share their experiences about health & fitness.


Oh wait, they do…it’s called the internet.

  • Too bad that only a tiny sliver of the world’s population will ever have the opportunity to learn from them.
  • Too bad that their voices will be drowned out by the big corporate health/fitness corporations who can pay to position themselves at the top of every Google Search.
  • Too bad that for every person that reads Matt’s comments or finds Julie’s blog, hundreds of people are visiting one of the snake-oil websites.
  • Too bad that there wasn’t a place where a person could ask a health/fitness question and get a whole bunch of answers from experts and non-experts alike.
  • Too bad there wasn’t a place where experts and wanna-be experts could build their reputations by helping ordinary people improve their health/fitness
  • Too bad there wasn’t a place where snake-oil companies could be exposed
  • Too bad there wasn’t a place where hype was not allowed and results were rewarded

Too bad that nothing like this exists.

Sure, there are places that aspire to do this. There are corporate sites like Wellsphere and Livestrong that are attempting to create hubs for personal health & fitness. And there are also grassroots fitness communities like Iowa Ave that rely on a more grassroots approach. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to fitness.

But to me, they all fall short.

But, maybe not for much longer.

As social media continues to expand and integrate into our lives, the potential for this type of resource improves.

An online resource where we can get straight answers about health & fitness without being sold someone’s sales pitch.


Thus endeth the rant.


BTW, speaking of Wellsphere, I have entered my blog in their Best Health Blogger competition. So, if you’re interested in boosting your karma, throw me a vote or two.


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I have taught the weight loss class I developed on an off for several years depending on where I was in “baby world.” I always felt like I was making a difference in my corner of the world.

    Even though the “big guys” have all the money and power, we “little guys” can definitely make an impact. I just wish I knew how to get the message out stronger!

    I voted for you by the way!

  2. Thanks Doug. I found you on twitter and have been enjoying your blog. I sell health insurance in California and my contention is if we all take our health and fitness more seriously we can drive down the cost of health insurance by keeping out of doctor’s offices and hospitals. Your information keeps me motivated to exersize and eat a healthy diet.

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