Nutrition Deathmatch #2: Special K Protein Shake v.s. Chocolate Milk

special k protein shake vs chocolate milk

I think it’s time for me to find another health club.

Yesterday, while chatting with the “towel lady”, I noticed that they were carrying a new protein shake… Kellogg’s…  the makers of Eggo waffles, Froot Loops and Pop Tarts.

and now they’re making protein shakes.

I asked to take a look at a bottle of the NEW!!! Special K Protein Shake.


Here’s what the label looked like:

special k protein shake chocolate nutrition 2

Looks pretty good, right?

I mean, except for the sucralose, corn syrup solids, acesulfame potassium, nutritive and nonnutritive sweeteners.

On the plus side, it has 190 calories, some carbs to re-fuel after your workout and a relatively small dose of protein.

Just like chocolate milk.

chocolate milk low fat nutrition

In fact, the macronutrient profile looks almost identical to the carton of chocolate milk that I picked up at the 7-11 across the street from the gym.

Calories about the same, protein about the same, carbs about the same. The milk had a lower fat content as I prefer the low-fat version post-workout.

So, why in the world would I spend $3.99 for a bottle of Special K Protein Shake with extra HFCS and nonnutritive sweeteners when I can get a carton of chocolate milk for $1.25?

special k web site

I mean, besides the fact that Kelloggs is marketing their entire Special K product line as an effective way to get healthy….

and look like an airbrushed supermodel in short shorts.

But, maybe you’re not the kind of person who would fall for such obvious commercial manipulation.

Maybe you rely on the opinions of real people…like these bloggers:

Either way, Kelloggs is working hard and spending a lot of money trying to convince you to buy the protein shakes and their healthy cereals and snack bars.

So, as a counterpoint to the advertising, I would like to offer my review of the Special K Protein Shake:

Don’t waste your money.

Chocolate milk is healthier and cheaper.


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  1. I’d take chocolate milk any day, the Kelloggs drink has too many ingredients, and packaging to last into eternity. BTW, I’ll be in Venice over Thanksgiving, meeting up with the parents, staying with a friend on the beach. Got any advice on what I absolutely can’t miss? I’ve been there a few times, not recently.

  2. I’d drink the special k drink instead of the fat free chocolate milk. For one thing special K shake has fibre which you minus from the carbs. So it’s actually 24g of carbs which is less than the chocolate milk. It also has 10 grams less sugar and has potassium and alot more vitamins. That is why it is a meal replacement. Fat Free chocolate milk is not.

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