Belly Fat Doubles Your Risk of Dementia

This post is for all of those readers who are getting on in years and still think that carrying a “spare tire” around their middles is no big problem.

Researchers have found that women who store body-fat around their midsection (see Apple) are more than twice as likely to develop dementia when they get older.

apple vs pear

FYI, the symptoms of dementia include:

  • Progressive memory loss
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Decrease in problem-solving skills and judgment capability
  • Confusion, severe
  • Hallucinations and delusions
  • Altered sensation or perception
  • Impaired recognition (agnosia)
  • Impaired recognition of familiar objects or persons
  • Impaired recognition through the senses
  • Altered sleep patterns

The Study

The research is based on the Prospective Population Study of Women in Gothenburg, which was started at the end of the 1960s when almost 1,500 women between the ages of 38 and 60 underwent comprehensive examinations and answered questions about their health and lifestyle.


A follow-up 32 years later showed that 161 women had developed dementia, with the average age of diagnosis being 75. This study shows that women who were broader around the waist than the hips in middle age ran slightly more than twice the risk of developing dementia when they got old.


Dementia is not a good thing.

It’s not good for the person suffering from it and it’s not good for their loved ones.

So, if you, or someone you love is shaped like an apple, do something about it.

And luckily, I just so happen to have about a million articles here on how to lose that belly-fat


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