Transformation #2 – Me

Doug...happy & sweaty @ the gym

Every autumn, I dedicate my workouts to strength & power.

I set myself a goal, hit the gym and unleash the beast.

This year, my goal was to press 350 lbs overhead.

And, as that stupid grin on my face can attest to, not only did I achieve my goal, I crushed it by pressing 365 lbs overhead. Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately, along with all this superhuman strength comes some superhuman eating and a wee bit of extra body-fat.

As of this morning, I weighed in at 252.2 lbs @ 15.4% body-fat.

doug's body composition Dec 2

Way too p-p-porky for my liking.

So, as I do every winter, I clean up my diet and start a new training program similar to the one I gave to the Healthy Irishman.

The goal being that I drop my body-fat down to 10% without losing much muscle mass.

doug's body composition goal

What is new for this year is that I will be doing this transformation in front of my millions and millions of readers.

In the next few days, I will post an outline of workout & nutrition plans.

I will also post my daily workouts here. Feel free to sign up for email updates if you want to follow along.

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