Waves and Waves of HIIT

This workout is dedicated to the “skinny-fat” cardio guy at my gym…you know who you are.

It’s a simple HIIT workout that is guaranteed to have you sweating buckets and burning mega calories.


Cardio equipment of your choice (I recommend an exercise bike, but an elliptical or Versa Climber are acceptable alternatives)

  • 10 min steady state cardio at 60% of maximum perceived intensity
  • 10 min of alternating duration (Wave) sprints
  • Sprint #1: 10 sec sprint / 50 sec rest
  • Sprint #2: 15 sec sprint / 45 sec rest
  • Sprint #3: 20 sec sprint / 40 sec rest
  • Repeat for 10 sprints
  • 5 min steady state cardio at 60% of max intensity

Beginners are now finished….go home and rest

However, if you think you can handle some more HIIT, please feel free to do another:

  • 10 min of alternating duration sprints – same as above
  • 5 min steady state cardio at 60% of max intensity

And now, go home…seriously.

Note: HIIT sprints are designed to be performed at maximum intensity for maximum benefit. If your intensity starts to drop below 90% of your best effort, shut it down and call it a day. Intensity is key. It’s better to do 5 sprints at 100% intensity than 10 sprints at 75%


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  1. Best results are from a complete stop, but if the computer on your bike/elliptical shuts down if you stop, then just pedal slowly.

    When I do outdoor hill sprints, I run uphill & walk slowly downhill for the rest period

  2. *checks workout again*

    Whoops…was only doing 5 minutes of steady state cardio at the beginning, not 10. Better fix that.

    And I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not doing this right, because even though I’m doing the beginner workout (because I’ve not really done HIIT before), I’m not sweating buckets and feeling completely exhausted at the end. My main problem is that the exercise bike seat is completely uncomfortable, and by the end of my workout I’m ready to stop because my but is sore.

  3. I hear you about the bike seat…that’s why I moved to the recumbant bike.

    Re the sweating/exhaustion…no one I have ever taken through a HIIT workout has survived without a ton of sweat/pain and quite often nausea.

    I hate to say it, but we need to find a way to up your intensity.

    The next time you do a HIIT workout, try this…count the # of revolutions your right foot makes in each 10 second sprint. Also record the level of resistance.

    Send me this data via the facebook group

  4. But I’m already on the recumbent bike! :-/

    The resistance level is probably the big thing–I’ve been keeping it on level 2 or 3. I guess I could start increasing that, and see what happens.

  5. There’s only 2 adjustable factors – speed & resistance

    I like to maximize speed first (# of revolutions per 10 sprint) before increasing resistance

    Happy New Year!!!

  6. what dose u mean in (( Repeat for 10 sprints )) ???
    did u meant repeat this three sprint ten times ???!!!

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