Fitness Scam or Miracle Supplement?

Earlier today, I came upon this online ad.

i got ripped


Paul got ripped in 4 weeks…without killing himself in the gym or dieting.

However did he do it?

I have to know….Must follow link…to this site….

pauls hollywood workout

Double Wow!!!

It gets even better….a FREE super supplement used by hollywood actors to get ripped in 4 weeks without killing themselves in the gym or dieting

It almost seems too good to be true.

But, Paul looks like an honest guy, so I click through to check out the secret to his success…Muscle Might

muscle might

Triple Wow!!!

  • The World’s #1 Selling Muscle Building Supplement
  • A Risk Free Trial
  • A Chance at a $1000 prize
  • and I can get ripped in 4 weeks without killing myself in the gym or dieting

Sign Me Up!!!

But wait, maybe this offer is too good to be true.

Perhaps I need a little cooling off period.

This feels like one of those impulse purchases I have been hearing about….

(30 minute cooling off period…imagine the theme from Jeopardy playing)

….I’m back, and it’s not an impulse purchase. I still want to take advantage of Paul’s kind No Risk Offer.

So, let’s head back to Paul’s website….and what the???

pauls hollywood workout

Who’s this guy?

That’s not Paul.

And what the hell is Ultimate Acai Max?

Where’s my #1 Best Selling Muscle Building Supplement – Muscle Might?


Paul lied to me.

I feel so used


But wait, it gets worse.

I’m not alone in my shame.

According to web traffic reporting sites



and Quantcast


…a lot of people are being sucked in by Paul’s fat burning, muscle building siren’s call.

And my question to them is…is anyone buying buying this stuff?

Does anyone believe pretend Paul?


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