Health Habits meets Facebook

Well, I did it.

I set up a Facebook Fan Page for Health Habits.

facebook fan page

And, over the next few days, I will probably be adding & subtracting various features and applications as I try to mold it into the type of health & fitness community that I have been imagining for the past few months (years???).

In that imagination of mine, I pictured a place where anyone who is interested in health & fitness can go to discuss the best methods to get lean, healthy & fit.

No B.S. dogma where the low carbers mock the vegans and the Crossfitters try to beat up the Ultra Marathoners.

What I am looking for is a place where science geeks can discuss weight loss theories with a bunch of willing real world guinea pigs.

And a place where we can challenge & support each other as we embark upon another round of New Year’s Resolutions.

Hopefully, all of you will sign up as fans of Health Habits.

Hopefully, you will encourage your friends to do the same.

And, hopefully, you will participate by joining into discussions and by telling me what works and what doesn’t.


Seriously……sign up

My fragile male ego depends upon it.


BTW, I also just opened up a personal Facebook page earlier today (haven’t even added any friends yet…except my wife Nicole). So, if you want to be my Facebook buddy, send me a friend request.

and, in case you’re wondering, I am not the guy from Hoobastank.