A Light Went On

Today is a great day.

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I have been working with this woman for almost two months.

During that time, she has said all the right things. She wants to be healthy. She knows it’s not going to be easy but she is willing to do the hard work. She has tried this before but this time is going to be different.

blah, blah, blah

All the same things that we tell ourselves when we know we should do something, but we don’t really believe that we can actually pull it off.

Basically, it was a great big load of self delusion disguised as an Oprah-esque self-help pep talk.

But today, after workout # 19, I get a call from her.

And things were different.

I almost don’t know how to describe it.


Before today, she understood that she could transform her body if she ate and exercised the way I told her. But tody, that theoretical belief became something bigger.

Now, she knows that she can transform her body.

And I don’t mean that she knows which exercises and diet are required. That’s my job.

  • She knows how to produce the spirit, will, intestinal fortitude…whatever you want to call it.
  • She knows how to take control of her thoughts and feelings.
  • She knows how to get herself  to actually do the things she needs to do.

She doesn’t just believe it…she knows it.


And that is the moment I wait for with all of my clients.

And that is why today is a great day.