My Xmas Present to You

Because I love all my Health Habits readers soooo much, I have decided to give each of you the gift of an online personal trainer…namely, moi.

Starting in January, everyone who signs up for the Facebook group will receive 52 weekly workout programs designed to burn fat, increase all aspects of functional strength and speed while reversing common muscle imbalances & eliminating any associated pain.

My goal is to turn all of you into the leanest, strongest and fittest yous that you can be.

There will also be a nutritional program that we are going to start on February first.

So, if you’re interested in the program (estimated value $2600), sign up for the Facebook group.

Happy Holidays



p.stell all your friends & family. The more people we get in the group, the better this is going to be. There is way too much research showing how group activities improve adherence as well as improving overall weight loss results