2010: Get Fit, Lose Weight, Make More Friends and Revolutionize the Entire Health & Fitness Industry

Alright people, this is the year.

2010 is the year that you are finally going to get into shape.

And here’s how you’re going to do it.

  1. Join our Health Habits Facebook Group.
  2. If you know anyone who wants to get into shape…have them join our Health Habits Facebook Group.

As you may have noticed, I am just a wee bit excited about our Health Habits Facebook Group.

Here’s why:

For years & years, I have looked at the health/fitness/diet/weight loss industries with disgust. Billions of dollars are spent every year at health clubs and diet centers. And yet, we keep getting fatter and slower and weaker and sicker.


Because the fitness industry doesn’t want you to get into shape. If you did, you would have no need for them.

They want you to keep buying their books, supplements, programs and memberships…year after year after year.

People, we need to STOP THE INSANITY!!!

ooops, sorry…bad example.


But seriously, here’s the plan.


What we’re going to do is take the best elements of every quasi-successful health & fitness program and create our own fitness revolution.

  • We’ll start by abandoning the old fashioned exercise programs that just don’t work.
  • We’ll replace them with more effective programs that are based in both scientific research and real world experience.
  • And then we’ll give those workouts away for free.
  • Then we’ll do the same thing for our nutrition plans.
  • Ditch the old junk and replace it with a plan that actually works
  • And give it away for free.

Sounds great, right?

I thought so too, until I realized that our problem with obesity and physical fitness isn’t a lack of knowledge.

  • We all know that we should exercise.
  • We all know that broccoli is better for us than pizza

Our real problem with obesity and our lack of fitness is that we just don’t do the things that we know we should be doing.

And that is where our little Health Habits Facebook Group comes in.

Over the past few years, there has been one single fitness program that has had great success in creating ultra fit bodies. And that program is Crossfit.

The reason that Crossfit has been so successful in creating better bodies is due to their grassroots approach.

Crossfit isn’t about some expert(s) telling it’s members what to do and how to do it.

Crossfit is a group of people, spread out all around the world who challenge and push and support each other to get fitter and stronger and leaner and better day after day after day.

In fact, because Crossfit members are so passionate about Crossfit, many non-Crossfit fitness geeks have labelled Crossfit as a cult.

And maybe it is…a cult of extreme fitness enthusiasts.


But, Crossfit isn’t perfect.


In my humble opinion:

  • Crossfit workouts are far too random for my taste. On a day to day level, this approach is a big part of the fun for Crossfitters…not knowing what tomorrow’s WOD is going to be.
  • However, on a macro or long term level, this randomness is likely to slow down your progress towards your goal.
  • Exercise selection tends to overload the shoulder girdle, lower back and the knees. OUCH
  • Crossfit focuses heavily on anaerobic endurance training. And while I love this style of training, it is not the only aspect of physical fitness that should be developed.
  • Crossfit training uses a lot of Olympic style weightlifting, and while these exercises are great for you, there is a significant learning curve. My concern is that for the average trainee, the time required to get good at these lifts is exactly the kind of speedbump that causes people to abandon their fitness programs.
  • Crossfit is intense (or extreme if you prefer). And while that is exactly what Crossfitters want, it is this high level of intensity that is going to drive away Joe & Susie Six-Pack.


So, what are we going to do?


  • We’re going to borrow the grassroots approach of Crossfit
  • We’re going to challenge & support each other just like the Crossfitters
  • And we’re going to give control of our little Health Habits Facebook Group to the members of the group.
  • Initially, I will provide the training (52 x 1 week programs) and nutrition programs.
  • If you need more guidance, I will be available for online personal training.
  • But, the group will grow and change as the members want.

This open source approach is completely unlike the one on one personal training that I do with my clients in Toronto.

And to be honest, it’s freaks me out a little bit. but, if we’re going to revolutionize the health & fitness industry, we’re going to have to do things a little different.


What happens now?


  1. Join the group
  2. Get other people to join the group. The more people we have, the better this will work. Tell your friends about it. Tweet about it. Bloggers post about it.
  3. Every Sunday, I will post the workouts for the coming week. This will start this coming Sunday (I may even post it Saturday…I am a little excited.)
  4. I am going to open up admin control for the Facebook Group. Kinda like Wikipedia.
  5. Starting in February, I will integrate the nutritional program. This exercise program is going to be unlike anything you have ever done before. I don’t want people starting it at the same time they start a new diet. My advice is to get used to the workout first and then start the diet. But, seeing as I am letting go of control….


That’s it for now.

On Sunday, you get the workout.

On Monday, you start transforming that bod.