The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet….weight loss miracle or a great big load of corporate bullsh*t?

Attention all overweight people of the planet Earth.

Your days of struggling with obesity & dieting are finally over.

Taco Bell is here to free you from your bonds of corpulence.

Forget about their infamous Fourth Meal or their 990 calorie Volcano Nachos or their 900 calorie Chicken Ranch Taco Salad or their 640 calorie Grilled Stuft Steak Burrito.

Forget about all of that stuff. None of that matters anymore.

Because, Taco Bell has decided to kick Jared’s butt and become America’s Weight Loss Champion.

And they’re going to do it with their new Drive-Thru Diet.

Hmmm…what do you think of that?  54 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. Maybe they’re onto something.

Let’s hear some more about the Drive-Thru Diet

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But before we make up our minds, maybe we should get the opinion of a medical expert…

Hmmm, now I’m confused.

Maybe, we should hear from an actual Taco Bell customer…

That was interesting.

The morbidly obese Taco Bell customer thinks that the diet is a manipulative piece of corporate bullsh*t.

Ain’t irony grand.


BTW, you gotta love the Princess Leia poster in the background…classic.



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  1. Hey, don’t knock the Drive-thru diet! I use it literally all the time. Seriously, sometimes its just so hard to get in those extra colaries when you’re trying to put on weight to build muscle. That’s where fast food comes in. [now taking tongue out of cheek.]

    At some point people have got to be smart enough to read the fine print and get tired of these companies treating them like morons. I mean, 50 lbs over 2 years? Yea I could do that if i replaced a couple of meals a day with a tiny ass taco.

    Also, the doc in that video saying cheese and chicken are bad? Correction, fake cheese is bad. Now step the hell away from my pepperjack, tool.

  2. People should be smart enough.

    And I used to assume they were smart enough and that they were just telling themselves little white lies so that they could continue to eat junk food.

    But, sadly, I have spoke with way too many people who think froot-loops are healthy because they have whole grains and that putting probiotics into health food transforms it from a decadent dessert into an everyday meal. Seriously, one woman thought pop-tarts were good for her because of the extra vitamins they injected into them…POP TARTS!!!!

    Either we are getting stupider & stupider (see the movie Idiocracy) or the geniuses of the marketing world have finally found a way to collectively brainwash the majority of the tv viewing population

  3. You would have to be an idiot to make this your “diet.”

    But that said, I am glad Taco Bell has putting something on there menu that isn’t over 1000 calories. It is nice to have an option when I forget lunch at home to grab two of their steak soft tacos and a water. It’s a bit higher on the carbs than I am comfortable with but at least the number of calories won’t ruin your day- like most other things at taco bell or any other fast food joint will.

    But then again, if you eat 10 of them your sh*t out of luck.

  4. I’m pretty sure fresco means cool/fresh/chill or something alone those lines.

    That aside, Taco Bell’s most likely trying to compel those who are on a diet to actually have some incentive to come to their establishment. Can’t get the person trying to be healthy near the place if there’s nothing remotely healthy.

    But then, temptation may strike, and the individual cracks. Mission success for Taco Bell.

  5. I’ve never seen a taco bell in Australia. Thank goodness! The sad thing for me is that last guy clearly understands how to eat healthy and just doesn’t care. He is actually spouting some good advice there – don’t get take out make a salad at home – that’s a top tip!

  6. anyone that is depending on a drive thru for their diet is in trouble! I agree with John though it is good that they have added something to their menu that isn’t 1000 calories!

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