Obesity = Inflammation = Cancer

Every January 1st, millions of people resolve to get in shape and lose weight.

Unfortunately, before February 1st rolls around, two thirds of those people have fallen off the bandwagon, abandoned their gym memberships and returned to the normal diet of pizza & ice cream.

So, in an attempt to recharge your collective weight-loss motivation, I thought I would let you in on a recent piece of obesity research that concluded that…

Obesity = Inflammation = Cancer

According to this latest research, obesity enhances the development of a form of liver cancer called HCC (hepatocellular carcinoma) by:

  1. Stimulating the production of tumor-promoting cytokines (interleukin-6 {Il-6} and tumor necrosis factor {tnf})
  2. Il-6 and tnf causes inflammation in your liver, and
  3. Activates a tumor-producing transcription factor called STAT3
  4. STAT3 activates the formation and growth of the HCC liver cancer

Or, in layman’s terms

Obesity = Inflammation = Cancer

But, it’s not just liver cancer. Obesity also increases the risk of developing pancreatic, GI and kidney cancers.

So, how about that slice of pizza? Feeling hungry?



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