HIIT Harder with Creatine

This article is for all of those people who have already discovered the joys of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

According to this latest bit of research, supplementing with Creatine results in:

  • Improved workout performance during HIIT
  • Higher glycogen load found in fast twitch muscles (18% increase)
  • No difference in slow twitch muscles
  • Lower blood lactate levels


For improved HIIT performance, supplement with creatine.

In fact, if you perform any sport/activity that requires intermittent bursts of high intensity effort (hockey, fighting, track & field, etc), creatine should be part of your supplement regimen.

However, if your sport/activity relies on slow twitch fibers and aerobic endurance, creatine may not be for you.


There are a lot of supplement companies selling different types of creatine supplements.

In my experience, AllMax produces one of the better versions. Quality results with no side effect bloating.


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