FLOTUS tackles America's FATNESS

Like previous First Ladies, Michelle Obama has found her First Lady Issue – and luckily for America, it’s Childhood Obesity.


America has to do something about childhood obesity…NOW.

Our collective lifestyle is essentially a perfect storm that ensures that our children are going to keep getting fatter and sicker year after year.

But, what are we supposed to do.

  • Most families require two incomes…ergo home cooked meals are hard to come by.
  • America’s food producers make a greater profit on processed “food in a box” than they do on fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, etc… so we can’t expect them to lead the healthy eating parade.
  • Between our anti-pedestrian neighborhoods and our fear of strangers, our kids don’t play outside anymore. I remember as a kid being outside for hours playing sports and doing kid stuff. I bet you do too. When was the last time your kids spent an entire Saturday outside in the fresh air, running around doing something good for their health?
  • Add to this tv, video games, insane amounts of homework, the internet, the fact we drive everywhere, mega malls, etc….

It all seems pretty grim, doesn’t it.

But, like the first Lady says, “childhood obesity is imminently solveable”

We just need a good plan.

And that’s where we are right now. At the planning stage.

No big gov’t involvement…yet. No big corporate sponsored advertising campaigns. No new taxes or regulations.

So, before all of that happens, America’s parents might want to take 15 minutes and think about what help they want from their government so that they can keep their children lean, fit & healthy.

If you need some help getting started,perhaps these articles can give you some ideas.

And I would love to hear your suggestions.

Heck, I would love to assemble all of your suggestions and forward them to the First Lady.

So, think about it and leave a comment.

Or email her yourself via the White House Contact Form.


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