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Like most personal trainers, my business has been built on word of mouth. When my clients lose weight and get fit, their friends notice and I pick up a new client. And, considering that most of my clients are interested in melting off body-fat, diet & weight loss has become a bit of an obsession for me.

So, when it comes to dietary recommendations, I need to get it right. That’s why, at it’s core, the @HealthHabits Diet is a modified Paleo-style diet.

Apple Glazed Turkey Breast

Because based upon the scientific research and my first hand experience, there is no better way of eating for general health and gradual weight loss than Paleo.

You’re eating foods that are high in nutrients and relatively low in calories

And while, it’s always a big transition for new clients, the ones who buy into the concept and trust me (even for a month or so) always see great results….always.

But, we’re not done yet.

As much as I love the Paleo Diet, it’s not perfect. As much as some Paleos want to believe that everything Paleo is good and everything modern is bad, they’re wrong.

  1. Certain foods enjoyed by some Paleo Dieters make weight loss difficult. For that reason, during a weight loss phase, they are eliminated.
  2. And as I said in this post, it’s not only what you eat, it’s when you eat it, and the Health Habits Diet makes use of precise peri-workout nutrition to allow my clients to:
  •  Perform better during their workouts
  •  Maintain muscle mass while dieting
  •  Gain muscle mass if desired
  •  Boost their metabolism and
  •  Speed up fat loss

But, we’re still not done yet.

Depending upon the goals of my clients, nighttime eating and meal size must also addressed.

  • Clients interested primarily in fat loss eat nothing for the 4 hours before sleep (except for a tbsp of fish oil)
  • Clients interested in gaining muscle mass while losing fat will eat a solid meal before bed.
  • As well, there are never any seconds on the Health Habits. One serving per meal…and don’t try getting around that by buying gigantic bowls or plates.

So, to recap, these are the basics of my Health Habits Diet

  1. A modified Paleo Diet makes up the majority of your meals
  2. Peri-workout nutrition for better workouts and a metabolism boost
  3. Nighttime eating geared to specific weight loss goals
  4. Portion control

So, where do you go from here?  

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  1. Hmm…I want to get stronger and healthier, but I also mostly want to fit into smaller clothes. So I guess I’d be in #4.

    Happy early birthday!

  2. Sir,

    Just want to get healthy, with fats.

    because i have no fats in my body.

    my workout is start regulear last 5 month.

    please give me some tips. for groth my body

  3. I’m really big into modified Paleo myself. The vast majority of my meals are created around lean meat, a good variety of vegetables, beans, and tea. My energy levels are always up and I’m never craving; it’s great!

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