Is Stephen Colbert a closet Paleo?

Last week, Stephen Colbert interviewed John Durant (the Paleo guy from the NY Times article).

And during the interview, I noticed that Stephen seemed to be taking it a little easy on John.

Even while Stephen poked fun at John’s lifestyle and his pursuit of a celiac / lactose intolerant girlfriend, he never mentioned:

  • the bloodletting or
  • the raw meat or even
  • the Vibram Five Fingers that John was sporting.

So, why did Stephen take it so easy on Durant?

Perhaps it’s because Stephen is considering a switch to the Paleo way of life.

Stephen Colbert interviews Paleo Caveman John Durant – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

video link for Canadians (Comedy Network doesn’t have embed codes)



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  1. And he sure wasn’t afraid of mocking Jonathan Safran Foer in a more recent interview, though he did go easy on Foer’s idiotic statements re: the “falseness” of the grass-fed cattle/organic industries. LOVED the use of bacon at the end though, and Foer’s unimpressed looks. Just another vegetarian (even though he acknowledges how much he is pulled towards consumption of meat, which is “wrong”) that doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Sheesh. Go Colbert!

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