Snake Oil Supplements v.s. Instant Gratification

How can I lose weight fast?

sigh….you would not believe how often I hear this question.

Sure, it may have taken 10 years to put on all of that extra body-fat, but everyone wants to melt it off in a couple of months.

And that’s why people watch The Biggest Loser (it’s NBC’s highest rated show).

And that’s why people buy Fat Burners.

Because they promise results….very fast, very effective results

But what happens when ordinary folk don’t get the advertised results?

They get mad…and when people get mad in 2010….they sue.

According to the NY Daily Times, “Biggest Loser” celeb trainer Jillian Michaels is being sued over one of her weight-loss supplements.

Kathy Hensley charges that the supplements are made with a “potentially lethal” ingredient, citrus aurantium, which can in rare cases cause heart problems and high blood pressure, according to Us Weekly.

Hensley, who’s suing for less than $5,000, also names the supplements’ maker Thin Care, Basic Research and Walgreens.

Michaels, 36, who calls herself “America’s Toughest Trainer,” told Us Weekly in a statement after the first lawsuit was filed that the claims against her supplements are “entirely without merit.”

.Besides citrus aurantium, the pills contain guarana and coffee bean extract. “I stand behind all my products,” Michaels’ statement said. ThinCare also responded by saying: “We are confident we will prevail.”

ThinCare is wrong.

No one is going to prevail here.

  • Not Jillian Michaels
  • Not ThinCare
  • Not The Biggest Loser
  • Not the fans of The Biggest Loser
  • and not Kathy Hensley

Everyone involved with this mess is a loser.

The Solution….Grow the Hell Up People

You didn’t put the weight on overnight and you’re not going to take it off overnight.

The truth about fat burners is that:

  • Most of them don’t work
  • And the ones that do work only work for a short period of time

So, save your money, read through the Health Habits archives, join the Facebook Group, toss out the chocolate covered bacon strips and get ready to sweat.

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