Play v.s. Exercise

Researchers have found that in just 3 short months, a group of inactive men with high blood pressure were able to drastically lower their BP, resting pulse rate and body-fat % by playing soccer.

That’s right – soccer. In fact, the results were significantly better than results achieved via the typical medical advice on healthy diet & exercise.

The researchers found that “a regular game of soccer affects numerous cardiovascular risk factors such as maximal oxygen uptake, heart function, elasticity of the vascular system, blood pressure, cholesterol and fat mass far more than e.g. strength training and just as much if not more than running”.

More than running? But, isn’t that what soccer is? You run and chase the ball over here…and then you chase the ball over there…etc, etc….

So, why is playing soccer better than just running around a track?

What’s the difference?

But, maybe you don’t like soccer. The activity doesn’t matter.

Find some physical activity that:

  1. Gets your heart beating, and
  2. You think you may enjoy

Maybe you join a running club, or go dancing, or lift weights with a buddy, or go swimming with the old ladies at the community center, or play softball or volleyball or basketball or…

It doesn’t matter what the activity is.

Fun + Exercise = Good for You


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